5 Useful Smart Playlists With Album Ratings

iTunes 7.4 brings back album love. Using the rating system I recommended in iTunes Zero, you can create some great new smart playlists with album ratings:

Great Albums!

Albums with greater than 3 stars.

Using iTunes Album Ratings To make a playlist of Great Albums

Usually these albums have consistently great tracks. It’s useful to have these within easy reach in iTunes.

Great Albums

Yes Michael, I was surprised too. Ok, not really. I admit it.

Sucky Albums

Albums with less than 3 stars.

Time to delete them? You never really liked these anyway.

What? You mean I don’t like Moby side projects?!

Mediocre Albums

Albums with 3 stars.

Mediocre albums smart playlist parameters in iTunes

Sometimes you THINK these albums are great, but some of them can coast by on the strength of one or two tracks.

Homework really is a mediocre albumYes, Daft Punk, even you.

Neglected Albums

Albums with higher than 3 stars, but with tracks you haven’t listened to in a while.

iTunes smart playlists to keep tabs on neglected albums

You say you love them, but you never take them out anymore.

It's been that long since Automatic for the People?I guess I stopped listening to this one after the Andy Kaufman movie came out.

I Can Care Less

Albums with LESS than 3 stars with tracks that you haven’t listened to in a while.

iTunes parameters for weeding out bad music

It’s likely that you can delete, sell, or trade these albums without it ever bothering you.

A sample of albums I could probably delete and sell

Hopefully I can get this Fischerspooner CD to emerge right into a Lala.com envelope.

iTunes Zero

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