Logic 8 Rumors I Didn’t Mention Before

Here are a few Logic 8 rumor nuggets floating around that I didn’t think were worth mentioning in the earlier post since I think they’re dead wrong. Most of these have come from anonymous comments from this blog, or anonymous posts from various forums.

It Comes With NI Komplete

This rumor comes from this comment from February following the post on Gear Slutz. There’s a ton of junk here. It also claims that there are a ton of third-party plugins coming with Logic Pro.

Old Synths Are Gone

From the KVR forums:

New Synthesizer line-up – A lot of the older synths have been booted out – eg ES1, ES2, EFM 1. The newer ones such as Ultra Beat and Sculpture have been slightly revised.

The EFM1 is a brand new synth for Logic. It just came out in Logic Express and Pro 7. There’s no point or benefit in tossing out synths.

Maybe they’d rename them to make them more recognizable. “EXS24” doesn’t immediately indicate a sampler to new users, which is why I suspect Apple started placing more descriptive terms next to their instruments:

Logic instrument names haven't always been descriptive

Other rumors aren’t really anything new since earlier in the year, except the virtual Korg Oasys thing.

KVR: Logic 8 Beta Details

It Will Only Work On Intel Machines

Apple sure does promote the Mac Pro a lot in their seminar videos, but Apple isn’t Adobe. They wont start doing Intel-only apps for a while yet, especially since plenty of people are using those Quad G5s that took until late last year to patch Logic 7.2 to work with all 4 cores. There would be riots in the street – or at least in forums.

What Else?

To get some ideas of what people want in the next Logic Pro, besides stability, check out Logic Pro Help’s New Feature Suggestion Database. Users have suggested an EXS24mk3 with Kontakt-like features, the ES3, and more.

Logic Pro Help – New Feature Suggestion Database