Great Interview With Cakewalk Founder on EM Podcasts

Electronic Musician’s podcast has a great interview with Cakewalk founder Greg Hendershott. Cakewalk is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Hendershott discusses Cakewalk’s beginnings, what 64-bit processing brings to audio workstations, whether there will ever be a Mac version of Sonar, and where the future of music software applications is going.

Particularly interesting is a section where Hendershott discusses how the tools you use should be invisible. I’ve heard this example applied to design – a really great design should not be noticed on its own, but should merely enhance content. 43 Folders readers may recognize this as the coffee cup that helps you enjoy more coffee – not the coffee cup that you rant and rave about.

This interview isn’t on EM’s website, but it is in the podcast feed.

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