Garageband ’08 Files Hold Screenshots

Perhaps to prepare for Leopard’s Quick Look and Cover Flow view, Garageband ’08 now saves a screenshot a project’s Arrange window.

It’s all in the .band file: in the contextual menu select “Show Package Contents”. The preview is held in the Output folder and is updated when the project is saved.

Garageband '08 saves an screenshot

I don’t believe that earlier versions of Garageband have done this, but I can only compare it to the first version. Since Cover Flow and Quick Look are notable Leopard features, it’s likely that the next version of Logic will do the same thing.

2 thoughts on “Garageband ’08 Files Hold Screenshots”

  1. I check some Garageband Projects made in leopard and quicklook shows the screenshot of the project.<br/>Nice feature indeed.<br/>It would be nice to have an option to preview the project along with the screenshot with a bounce each time you in quicklook except from a screenshot we could have an audio preview.<br/><br/>I take a screenshot of finder-coverflow mode in leopard and garageband projects there:<br/><br/>

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