Art of Office – Free Staff Paper!

Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit has unveiled Art of Office.

Art of office is a gallery of user contributed art made with Office for Mac. Contributors include Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and more.

I haven’t browsed around much, but I found one contribution that I wish I had years ago – a music notation template in Excel! Print this out and never buy staff paper again!

Art of Office – Music STAFF paper

Via Mac Mojo: Announcing Art of Office

2 thoughts on “Art of Office – Free Staff Paper!”

  1. It would be better if microsoft would design more of their sites to be that interesting. It’s comical that that much dedication and different focus is used for an apple audience. I’m hoping that open office will have a build available soon. MS office has too steeep of a price for me to consider it.<br/><br/>

  2. Fortunately for me, my work has a licensing program with Microsoft. Anybody can get Office for $20 – Windows or Mac versions.

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