You May Never Know

Logan Whitehurst died.

Of course, you’re thinking “Who’s Logan Whitehurst?”

Logan Whitehurst was a musician who was in a number of bands, but his solo efforts were known as Logan Whitehurst and The Jr. Science Club. He released a lot of music for free back in the late 90s and early ’00s on, where I had first heard of him. He was my favorite artist I found on that site, and I think his music was what got me interested in recording on computers and how digital distribution could be more than committing copyright infringement.

He had material ranging from funny/quirky (like “Monkeys Are Bad People“) to beautiful (like “The Death of A Dreamer”). Me and friends of mine in High School knew some of his songs by heart and referenced them constantly – like Mel Brooks lines that nobody else understood.

Over time he created a following and was on the Dr. Demento show.

I heard he released an album a few years ago, but I never got it – hoping that the college radio station I worked at would get it in and I would get to review it.

And browsing through Last.FM tonight I learned that he died in December.

It’s kind of weird – when you release music on the internet you may never know the ways it affects and touches the lives of other people.

Most of Logan’s Music is available for free here.

Original Logan Whitehurst Site