Within Reason: Interlude – Independence From Hardware

tr-707.jpgI recently had the pleasure of using a Roland TR-707. This was actually the first time I’ve ever used a drum machine without having a computer on.

The interface for building a rhythm was probably intuitive for the time of its release; its scrolling lights told me where the beat was, each drum sound was clearly labeled to its button, and it even has mono outs for every single voice. But after holding down shift buttons, selecting instruments, saving banks, and revising parts, I found it frustrating to use – only knowing that I could create the same rhythm in a 1/4 of the time on my computer.

So I played with it for about an hour. After that I did what any computer-based musician would do…

I sampled it, trimmed the samples, and can now create a drum kit in any format I’d like.

I’ve always felt that, in my set up, this was easiest to do in Reason with the ReDrum. You just load your audio samples into the ReDrum’s strips and you’re done with it. I understand the process of building an EXS or Ultrabeat instrument in Logic, but haven’t really done so because it’s always seemed quicker with the ReDrum, but perhaps it’s time to reexamine that.

I haven’t written a Within Reason entry since last Friday, but it will resume shortly. The next post will examine what changed since Reason’s release and if Propellerheads moved with the cheese.

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