Why Thomas Dolby Uses Logic

On Create Digital Music there’s an extra feature regarding Thomas Dolby. Here’s part of his response when asked why he uses Logic.

And I think now that it’s owned by Apple, it’s very hard to bet against the incumbent. You just sort of assume they’ll be a lot closer to the iron as it were, and then they have been working with Apogee on the Ensemble. You know, all audio interfaces are not created equal. There’s quite a lot of difference in what the converters are and how tightly the drivers integrate… So what with all of that, I decided to make Logic my axe, and unlike some other people, I’m quite monogamous with sequencer. I find it hard to switch between Logic and Ableton, although BT is running both onstage and does a lot of his looping and stuff in Ableton. But I mean that sort of loop-based approach — building blocks — never really appealed to me because that’s not how I visualize most of my songs.

He also discusses Max/MSP, Logic annoyances, Intel Macs, and more.

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