Mitt Romney and Why You Should Be Concerned About America’s Future

I don’t often use this space to get political, but this Youtube video of Mitt Romney addressing a heckler is deeply disturbing to me:

Here’s why.

Rather than be brave and say anything about how a person’s religious beliefs (or lack of religious beliefs) should have absolutely no bearing on their candidacy or electability, Romney takes the easy way out and panders to the crowd. He says this:

“One of the great things about this great land is we have people of different faiths and different persuasions…We need to have a person of faith lead the country”

Basically saying “Maybe I’m a fraud, but at least I’m not an atheist!

To applause and a standing ovation.

When are we going to reach a point when candidates aren’t judged by their religious beliefs and are evaluated by their actual policies and actions?

2 thoughts on “Mitt Romney and Why You Should Be Concerned About America’s Future”

  1. I think the problem is more with the people he’s willing to pander to in order to get elected which are primarily older and more religious Americans. There’s no way he could possibly get the Republican nomination without following certain party lines. It’s frustrating that voters are fed the same candidates year after year that simply toe their party line. I’m feeling the same way on the polor left. I’m not sure if there is a solution other than a healthy third party but that’s just not a reality.

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