Kindercore Reopens

Caught off of Pitchfork.

This statement should make you think. Emphasis added by me.

Geller, who splits time between Kindercore and his job as a Biofuels research engineer and Lewis have made additional adjustments to the Kindercore plan that take into account global issues beyond the entertainment world. “We will be making every effort to raise awareness about important climate and energy issues while doing everything we can to ensure that the company makes as small a negative impact on the planet as possible. We will also be using environmentally friendly processes whenever they are available” explains Geller. To this end Kindercore is shifting focus from manufacturing CDs – a process which is not easy on the environment – to digital distribution through a strategic partnership with IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance. As part of this arrangement, the entire Kindercore catalog is now available from iTunes, Emusic and other digital download services.

If you were starting a label today would you do the same? Why or Why not?

2 thoughts on “Kindercore Reopens”

  1. I’d say that completely abandoning CD’s and other physical media at this time in this case – especially when one considers the fact that most people who remember Kindercore missed the whole “downloading” thing by a few years – is a bit stupid. It doesn’t seem like this is the case from what I read on Pitchfork, but still – that would be my warning to Kindercore.<br/><br/>If I were starting my own, brand new record label, I think that focusing mainly on digital distribution would be a fantastic idea. It would be a great opportunity to come up with a brand new business model, try out new and exciting ideas regarding how and where to make money, etc. Of course, there would be the whole experimental “what works vs. what doesn’t work?” aspect, but this, of course, only matters if one has no money…oh, wait…

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