Flickr Problems

For a while I was a Flickr pro user – I wanted to upload full res photos and what the heck, it was only $25.

I’ve let my pro account lapse and am now coming across a sucky thing about Flickr. I tried to find a photo I took back in 2005, but it’s unlisted because of Flickr’s free account limitations:

On a free account, Flickr limits the number of photos displayed. If you have fewer than 200 photos, we display them all. If you have more than 200 photos, only the most recent 200 are displayed. Your photos are not removed from Flickr, only from the list of your photos. If you blogged a photo and it no longer appears in your list, it will still appear on your blog, and the photo’s Flickr page will still work just fine. If some of your photos aren’t showing up, don’t panic! Just upload some fresh ones. Or upgrade to a Pro Account. Note: If your free account is inactive for 90 consecutive days, it will be deleted.

Flickr has all of my photos, but it almost doesn’t matter if I can’t find anything past photo #200. I’m all for them trying to make money, but wtf? It’s perfectly alright for them to charge for high-res storage, but it seems odd that I’d have to pay for a pro account just to find old photos. Maybe I’m screwing something up?

So now I’m exploring some options. There’s Picasaweb, Zooomr, and others. Seems like the easiest thing would be to stick with Flickr (and shudder Yahoo).

But not really being a professional photographer I don’t really want to share photos with a whole community. I don’t want to assign privacy settings to certain photos and then try to convince everybody I know to sign up for Flickr so I can give them the proper viewing rights. It’s too much of a hassle to do that.

Seems like there’s an issue of trying to find a balance between ease of use, interactivity, and privacy settings.f

2 thoughts on “Flickr Problems”

  1. Hey Dan, our tagline at Zooomr is “no limit photosharing.”<br/><br/>We do not restrict free accounts to 200 photos and would be happy to have you join us with your photos. Zooomr does have a Pro account for $19.95, but it’s optional for those who don’t want to see ads or who just want to support us.<br/><br/>Best,<br/><br/>Thomas Hawk<br/>CEO, Zooomr

  2. Thanks Thomas.<br/><br/>I’ve signed up and am trying some things out now.<br/><br/>It doesn’t look like there’s any software application or iPhoto integration for uploading photos, is that correct? Those are features I really like about Picasaweb and Flickr.

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