What I REALLY Want in Reason 4

To get out of Reason.

I think Reason is a great for its instruments (was really my first experience with heavier MIDI sequencing and mixing), I started using it 5 years ago, but now I’ve moved up to Logic and I want to take my Reason synths with me.

Propellerheads has always said that Reason was never meant to have recording capability, and I’m fine with that. But wouldn’t it be great if you could load Reason’s synths directly in your DAW? No Rewiring, no having to switch between applications, just synths.

Reason will retail at $500. Surely anybody willing to spend that much will get a full-fledged DAW or NI synth instead, right?

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2 thoughts on “What I REALLY Want in Reason 4”

  1. Hmm. As I said on that other music-tech blog, having Thor/Subtractor/Malstrom on their own in VST mode wouldn’t make sense as far as Reason is concerned. When you buy Reason you get a modular environment, not just three synths.<br/><br/>You appear to be ignoring the effects and patch wires central to Reason’s working and whole appeal.<br/><br/>And there’s really nothing wrong with Rewire as a protocol. It’s when the hosts get things wrong that it gets cumbersome.

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