Well Camino, It Was Nice Using You For A Weekend

Camino version 1.5 came out last week. I had switched to Safari (again) a few months ago, but Camino 1.5 finally had spellcheck, Keychain integration, RSS detection, and inline searching. It’s inline searching was way ahead of Safari’s. So I switched back to Camino last week.

Camino has some CSS3 support, like multiple columns for lists. It still didn’t support text shadows.

And then the new Safari 3 Beta came out that’s more awesome at all of those things.

Yes, more awesome.

It seems like it installs a newer build of Webkit on OSX (for some new rendering support), which could explain why there are reports of Webkit based apps breaking. I have no idea how well it works on Windows. I haven’t had any problems yet on my home or work Macs.

The only thing not in Safari out of the box that I like from Camino is ad-blocking. But I’ve always preferred the way Webkit rendered text than the way Mozilla rendered text. That and it’s general zippiness has won me back.

But I’ll still be watching what goes on at the Camino camp.