Signal Flow and Input Objects in Logic Pro

I’m not really an audio engineer, but having studied voice as an instrument I understand that most engineers like to put some light compression on vocals before they get recorded on tape/hard drive.

Thing is, having built my setup in the post 2000 era, I have no outboard gear. Everything I use is in the box. So how do I get the same flexibility in the signal chain that setups with outboard gear have? Should I buy a compressor just for my voice?

What if we use a compressor on an input object instead?

My voice will always be on Input 1 – so let’s take a look at that strange, intimidating, dangerous environment.

If you don’t already have an input object for the input you want to modify, go ahead and create it. It will look something like this:

<img src=””

So now you can just put a compressor (or any effect you want) on your input object. This will print the effect directly into the audio file recorded into Logic. Great for things like light compression, not necessarily a good idea for things like noise gates.

I haven’t done much using this method, but I do know that I didn’t need to buy any hardware.