Make Coda Feel More Like Dreamweaver

Are you trying to do more of your web design and development in Coda but find yourself missing the split view of Dreamweaver?

Miss it no longer. While not so obvious, Coda offers the same view.

Here’s what you do.

1 – Load the file you want to work on<br/>
By default this should open the file in code view.<br/>
2 – Hit the split view button in the upper right hand corner<br/>
Now you’ll have the file open in 2 code view panes.<br/>
3 – Make the pane you want to change active and hit the preview button<br/>
And you’ll end up with something like this (in a small window for your protection):

What’s inconvenient is that this isn’t a built-in view. Everytime you load a new file and want to view something like this you need to go through these steps.

Would be nice to see a view like this in a future version…