Easily Move Your Emusic MP3s Into iTunes With Automator

I’ve created an Automator workflow that will move the MP3s you download from Emusic into iTunes. Consider this version 1.0, or maybe 0.9.

The following workflow is customized for my method, so you’ll likely want to edit it for your own purposes, or adopt mine.

It will grab MP3s from the Emusic download folder (from the download manager), add them to a “To Listen” playlist and a “To Burn” playlist. It will also add the text “From eMusic” into the comments metadata and toss out the original MP3s. I use that data for a smart playlist that has all my music from the iTunes store, Bleep, or any other music download service.

A few notes first.

1 – You need to confirm where the download manager is saving your MP3s and update the workflow with that location.

2 – iTunes should be set to manage your files. If it isn’t set then this workflow will toss out the MP3s after adding them.

The “To Burn” playlist acts as a container for all the music I’ve downloaded and haven’t backed up or burned as an audio CD. The “To Listen” playlist contains all the music I haven’t listened to yet, or want to make sure I listen to again.