Why I Buried Digg

It has nothing to do with any user community complaints. It has to do with GTD.

I just kept realizing how much of my time goes to browsing Digg for no apparent reason other than wasting time and searching for interesting news. Same thing happened with me and Reddit.

Basically, I had become a Diggaholic. After I came home from work I’d check Google Reader and load up Digg and Reddit and spend about an hour grazing through them. It was WORSE a while ago – I used to have Digg feeds in Google Reader.

Digg and Reddit are cool, but I realized I gain almost nothing valuable from them. I don’t need to vote on news or make comments. I don’t even need to keep up that badly with the news. I’m likely to read about anything important from Digg or Reddit on one of the blogs I read anyway.

In fact, it makes more sense to subscribe to blogs and other sites over time – sites that you always get valuable information from and enjoy reading – rather than wading through Digg and Reddit stories.

It didn’t make sense to become a volunteer employee for a Web 2.0 company.

So now I’m about to save tons of time and can use that time to pursue personal projects that I’ve been meaning to do (learn Javascript, learn Flash, complete music album, etc). They’ve been placed in the “someday/maybe” list in a way. Now with the extra free time I can act upon them.

Now I just need to give the boot to Netflix.

1 thought on “Why I Buried Digg”

  1. Congrats on your decision. Like yourself, I’ve found that scaling it way back releases all sorts of stress.<br/><br/>One solution I found that helped was switching email & RSS from GMail & Google Reader to desktop programs located only on my home computer (I use Thunderbird & RSSOwl). That keeps me from checking personal email & RSS while at the office and helps me stay focused.<br/><br/>A great commentary on this is Merlin Mann’s talk to Baychi called: “Getting Things Done..this is about much more than tools & rules.” In it he addresses about how our behavior is just as (and possibly more) important than the tools & frameworks we put in place. I’m sure you can find it somewhere on the 43F site.<br/><br/>Good luck.

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