Why I Bought A License For Coda

I don’t do web development full time and I still want features that Dreamweaver has. So why would I get a license for Coda?

Part of it is because I want to discipline myself into doing more hand coding. I can do most HTML/XHTML coding with no problems, but I still need to pull a reference book off the shelf once in a while when doing meta tags, forms, and some things that are more complicated than a table.

Another part of it has to do with their introductory pricing.

But a lot of it has to do with wanting to encourage Coda’s further development. It’s just so well designed, so beautiful and intuitive to work with (I LOVE how validating marks the lines in your code you need to fix). If you didn’t know any better you could be calling it iWeb Pro.

Applications like Coda and CSS Edit really sum up why Mac users aren’t happy settling for software that’s not built with the Mac in mind.

2 thoughts on “Why I Bought A License For Coda”

  1. CSS Edit looks really cool, but I don’t know if I want to spend $30 on it.<br/><br/>It could be very useful for organizing style sheets – I have some that have last minute properties right at the end.

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