Tell eMusic What You Think (and how much you make)!

eMusic is sending out emails requesting that users fill out a survey asking them about features they’d like to see, what they dislike the most, and how the service can improve.

There were 3 big things for me:<br/> 1 – Switch from MP3 to AAC or even FLAC. This would be awesome.<br/> 2 – Make the previews play in the browser. Don’t disrupt my buying process by making me have to load another program to play m3u files.<br/> 3 – Don’t make me spend 20 downloads on a comedy album (or a Sufjan Stevens type album) that’s 35 minutes long.

Halfway through the survey I thought that eMusic is finally listening to its customers and that in a few months they’re going to radically change the service with music videos, a brand new recommendation system and social networking features. How awesome is that?!

And then the very last question they ask, after spending 10 minutes carefully thinking about the questions they asked me and giving them clear, articulate responses, is…

What was your household’s combined annual income last year before taxes?

So I lied about that one as those happy thoughts crumbled.

2 thoughts on “Tell eMusic What You Think (and how much you make)!”

  1. Wow…. I couldn’t agree more with your comments, those were my biggest problems with emusic as well. Well played

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