Soundtrack Pro 2: It’s Like Looking Into The Future

lIf you believe that future is Logic 8 and that Soundtrack Pro 2 is a sign of things to come.

Create Digital Music has an entry about what Soundtrack Pro 2 could signal for the next release of Logic. Among these is better take management, scrubbing, fade selectors, stereo & surround mixing on the same track, and a facelift for included FX that makes windows look like you’re working in Aperture.

I like the video on take management. To do this in Logic you’ve got to cut up your takes with the scissor tool to make a Frankenstein comp by soloing and muting your cuts. It looks like pretty much the same process in Soundtrack Pro 2, but instead of the scissor tool you use the “blade” tool.

Clearly the amount of work on the blade tool is why there’s been no mention of a new version of Logic. This is top secret stuff.