Planned Downtime

Sometime soon I will be moving this blog from to

I’m not switching to WordPress (although it tempts me). I’ll continue to use Blogger for hosting and publishing.

A word of warning for others thinking of doing this. I had some difficulties with the registrar, Dreamhost. They don’t offer CNAME record controls for domains hosted with them, just with domains hosted and registered with them. That’s not made clear when you register domain names through them – I don’t understand what the purpose is of that capability on a domain you’re hosting with them anyway. The best option is to either register your domain with a registrar that lets you control that sort of thing, or to route the DNS to someplace that lets you control those settings (like EveryDNS).

If you don’t need that level of control I’d still recommend Dreamhost.

Not having done this before I don’t know if the current address will still work well after the transition. I think it’ll just redirect to the domain. I don’t know if it’ll redirect to the current address if the new one is having problems.

This will probably happen early this week.