Making Your Music Work Smarter

17 Dots has a short entry about music libraries and videogames. It talks about Rock & Roll Racing‘s 16-bit arrangements of classic rock songs. Also, an entry about music licensing in videogames wouldn’t be complete without some mention of GTA.

One thing I always think of when reading about music licensing is how every track off Play was licensed for commercials and film. I also think of the Blue Monday Sunkist commercial.

Despite any kind of artistic compromise (or “selling out”) musicians can’t deny the power that licensing can bring in both exposure and payout. 2 years ago I didn’t think anyone knew Röyksopp’s “Remind Me” – now a caveman and a gecko have brought Röyksopp exposure they never had before. Jamie Lidell’s “A Little Bit More” has made him a Target for music fans. On the iTunes store you’re likely to find iMixes dedicated to music used in Volkswagen and Apple commercials.

There’s more to commercial success than strong sales.