I’m Not An Authority On Future Apple Product Releases

Maybe I’d like to think I am – I did send feedback for iPhoto in 2005 that said something like “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if iPhoto had something like podcasts for pictures? You could call it ‘photocasts’ or something like that.”

I’m sure (or at least hope) I wasn’t the first to think about that.

Yesterday I said something about how you could call Coda “iWeb Pro”. Then today guess what shows up on page 2 of Macrumors?

Apple Working on iWeb Pro? Coincidence? Probably.

Again, I’m sure I wasn’t the first to think about that either, but I don’t think any Pro application is going to have a lowercased I in front of it. Plus there’s already WebObjects.

When I speculate about the future of software I use (like Logic) I don’t have insider information. What I do know is that as a user of some software I can tell you what I’d like to see in the next version, or more simply, how things could be changed to improve my workflow. And as an observer of what’s going on with certain technologies, I can sorta kinda guesstimate what would be a no-brainer feature addition.

After that article went up, what was a blog that I wrote for my friends and my own amusement (and to keep my writing skills up to snuff) was linked from Arstechnica, Create Digital Music, and a bunch of other blogs. My authority rating on Technorati skyrocketed. Hits went up dramatically, too. Check out what happened in that time frame:

A sudden increase followed by a sudden decrease with a few more readers sticking around. Some people liked stuff enough to subscribe to the feed. Most thought I sucked.

Still, I wonder if I have an influence on the rumor landscape…

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  1. I like that on random days, you are a celebrity. You should add a tag to applicable entries to reflect these days.

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