I Got To Use Windows Vista

After only a few hours of using Vista, I will say this: it’s the best version of Windows ever. On the right hardware it’s pretty snappy and it looks fantastic.

But I’d still rather work on OSX.

Peeve 1 – Leave Me Alone

On the Mac if I plug something in it either works or it doesn’t work.

On Windows (even Vista) it tells me absolutely everything that’s going on with a device. If I plug in a mouse it goes “Hey, you just plugged in a mouse,” “Hey, I’m installing device drivers for your mouse!”, “Hey, your mouse is a – ” will you just STFU already?

Peeve 2 – It Treats Me Like I’m Retarded

And in turn I have to do the same, like when setting up a wireless internet connection.

I turn on the computer, start Internet Explorer, and the first of a seemingly endless series of notifications appears. It asks “How would you like to connect to the internet?” I click on the Wireless option and marvel at how much more sophisticated Windows has gotten. It states “Hmm, I can’t seem to find your Wireless network!” I click on “diagnose this problem” or whatever it’s called.

And then the baffling part: the reason it can’t find any wireless networks is because wireless networking isn’t enabled. Would I like to enable it?

Well, duh! I thought you’d be able to figure that out when I told you I wanted to connect, uh, WIRELESSLY!

Peeve 3 – Included Software

I know that this is supposed to subsidize the cost of a new machine, but when you’re already paying over $1000 I don’t think this argument holds much water – especially when an included Norton suite keeps bugging you about how you aren’t protected until you activate their service. True, but to me it feels like a car mechanic is trying to sell me on rust proofing.

Peeve 4 – Transparency Effects Don’t Help Me GTD

Sweet looking, yes – but at the cost of processor cycles I don’t know if this is a good trade off yet. Right now it feels more like a rushed together face-lift than anything else. Being a biased Mac user I’ll probably completely disregard this issue when Core Animation starts being (over)used.

Peeve 5 – No More Menu Bars

Yes, simplifying the interface is awesome. No, I don’t know if you do that by taking away the standard method of selecting options.

2 thoughts on “I Got To Use Windows Vista”

  1. Hey Dan, I’ve been using my families’ new vista pc while I’ve been visiting and I agree that after a bit of use it feels like nothing more than a slight face-lift. Add to that the buzz I’ve been hearing on just about any gaming forum and I’m reluctant to upgrade.<br/><br/>Haven’t caught you on AIM Lately, where have you been hiding?

  2. Ha! Dead-on. But I don’t miss the menu bars.<br/><br/>Translucency shouldn’t cost CPU cycles; it’s implemented on the GPU in Vista. Something else IS costing CPU, though, because I’m hearing from more than one audio tester (one being none other than Native Instruments) that turning Aero off speeds things up, even on machines with a graphics card. Maybe some kind of overhead elsewhere in the system; I don’t know. To me, the Vista UI is a bit overdesigned; a huge leap from XP, but you begin to appreciate the Mac UI design more. (Apple had its overdesign moment, too, with those stupid iMac-style grooves in the menus in earlier OS X versions they happily killed.)

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