Why You Want A Robot As Your Next President

Robot For President!

If you’ve ever read Plato’s “The Republic” then you understand his point of view on government.

I think the easier way to think about it is to watch a gameshow like “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” or “1 Vs 100”. The formats are similar; contestants are asked to answer questions and as the round progresses the questions get harder. On Millionaire contestants can poll the audience. On 1 Vs. 100 they can poll the mob.

And when they poll them on hard questions it’s almost always split. Each choice on a multiple choice question with 4 choices gets roughly 25%.

That says something about how knowledgeable the audience is, but it also says something about the contestant who doesn’t know the answer, so he asks a whole bunch of people who probably don’t know the answer either.

This is much like how the US government is run today. Each year people are asked to vote for their government representatives. The campaigns can trick people into voting against their own interests through promises or appealing to fear, uncertainty and doubt.

And then, when the representative gets elected they may not be able to deliver on the things they promised voters, or worse, become corrupted.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a government representative that would always make the BEST decisions? That’s why you really want a robot for your next president/ruler.


1. Robots Know Everything

You can put the combined knowledge of all the whole world into the robot. There’s no debate about FACTS. No advisors with hidden motives. Give the robot all the world’s information, the country’s demographics, and a mathematical formula to determine the best possible outcome for the country’s citizens, and you have a leader that can truly promise a government for the people, by the people, but run by a robot.

2. Robots Have No Emotions

That’s right. They won’t cave-in to religious principles or anything else that may cloud judgement. No FUD. No sex scandals. Just cold, hard facts. By analyzing historical data the robot can determine if more bloodshed would result from leaving a dictator in power or by dethroning him and potentially leaving the leftovers in a state of civil unrest. Nobody would question the robot because they wouldn’t want an earful of all the reasons why the decision they made was the best choice. There’d be millions of other scenarios the robot has already run.

3. Robots Don’t Take Vacations

The robot will always be on duty, 24/7, processing information. If a new report comes in during the middle of the night it will have the ability to incorporate the new information to its agenda. You give the robot a report on August 7th about Al-Qaeda planning to attack the country, that problem is solved by the end of the week, tops.

4. Robots Blip, Bleep, and Bloop


5. Robots Can Think Really, Really Fast.

They may not be able to make it up stairs, but they can probably beat your ass at chess. Imagine what they could do to aggressive dictators. Surely this will intimidate any foreign threat. But who in their right mind would threaten a ROBOT?!


Of course, the only problem is that this robot could come under human influence. You need somebody to program the robot. You need somebody to inform the robot. You need people to maintain the robot. Today, there are too many ways that somebody could influence the robot to perform their own agenda. The guy who changes the robot’s oil and air filters could come in to do his thing, then suddenly the next day the robot is giving “Gary’s Robot Garage” tax breaks and free ponies.

So right now a robot may not be the best option as a ruler. So you need the next best thing. You need a president who rarely shows emotion and doesn’t appeal to a “higher authority”. One who “thinks” on problems, doesn’t “pray” on problems. You need a politician with ties to a computer company, so that when a robot is ready to take over it already knows the ropes. And that computer company may as well have a nifty music player. You need a politician who’s already aware of the worst possible threat to the human race – HUMANS.

Al Gore For President – 2008

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