It’s Beginning To Feel Like Christmas

Yes, right after Christmas.

Next week we have a few things coming up.

  1. CES CES is usually not a big deal, but there’s an rumored Xbox 360 announcement. If this is a new revision with a price drop and bigger HD I might bite.

  2. NAMM I really, really, really would like to see a Logic upgrade. It makes sense with another trade show this week, and Logic 8 seems due. If anything, you’ll see Logic Pro 7.3 to correspond with expected iLife updates. On top of that, Reason 4 would be nice. Ableton makes a point of updating Live every Summer NAMM (at least for the past 2 years). And M-Audio will likely announce something cool. I was checking out their DJ stuff today. Since this is something they’re looking to expand upon I wouldn’t doubt some new DJ hardware from them, or at least some software upgrades.

  3. Macworld Apple has some hype going on with their latest homepage screen “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.” That’s cool, and it gets me excited to see what’ll happen, but I don’t even really know what to get excited about! Here’s what I suspect though:

iPhoto Flickr supports geotagging now, so expect to see more geotagging capabilities in iPhoto ’07. It’s already there anyway.

iMovie and iDVD I rarely use these, so no comment.


Also, maybe lossless music downloads? Maybe not. If the download market is content on 128kbps encoded AAC, why should they undergo a huge effort to change? We could also see HD content.

Garageband Maybe jam sessions over the internet through Leopard. Imagine creating a track with someone over an iChat session. You can kind of do that now with its podcasting ability anyway. If someone is using a Garageband instrument it would just be a matter of syncing MIDI signals. Audio is another issue. More jam packs – maybe an electro one.

iWork The spreadsheet application, although I question why the icon has the placeholder text “Lorem” and “Ipsum” for row titles. Maybe it’d be funnier if the bottom row was titled “dollars”. Pages may get more word-processing features for everyday use. Keynote will feature Leopard compatibility for presentations over the internet.

Hardware Upgrades everywhere. Mac Pro may get dual quad-core processors. Macbooks and Macbook Pros will get bumps. Maybe a new ultra-thin portable, or a Macbook with a larger display. Unlikely to see a machine between the iMac and the Mac Pro, but would be nice. Maybe new displays and a new iSight, or a combination of the two. Nothing, or not much, about the iPod or a cell phone.

Leopard Bye-bye G3-based macs. Upgraded Finder. Upgraded Safari. I can’t think of any new features they could introduce that they haven’t announced already, but that’s the fun part.

Steve Jobs Just like at the 2006 Developer’s Conference, Jobs will probably not be the only speaker representing Apple.