I Love Frisky Dingo

You heard me.

Frisky Dingo is a new show on Adult Swim. It’s about a super-villain trying to thrust the Earth into the Sun. The first episode is about him trying to hype his evilness – basically the difficulty he has marketing himself and his super-evil image. It was available for free on iTunes a while back.

Meanwhile, the “hero” needs a villain to help increase sales of his action figures.

I think I like it because it sort of reminds me of work. His kidnapped marketing team prepares a direct mail postcard marketing campaign with a max 2% response rate. He gets furious at this. He directs his employees with personal advice and to “Get a PO number and get it done!

This is probably the best Adult Swim show I’ve seen in a while – next to Assy McGee. Too bad Assy is a play off a Family Guy joke. It’s pretty well done though.

I’m sure you can find both on Youtube.