Things I Love and Hate About My 80 gig iPod

I Love That:

  1. I Have All My Music With Me All the time. That is awesome. No more just listening to the tracks I’ve had to pick and choose to be on synced playlist. No more choosing which CDs I should bring with me to work. I just hook the iPod up to the computer there and have at it.
  2. I Can Watch Video Podcasts And I don’t have to be sitting at a computer. There’s irony in having all this new media but being tethered to a computer to have to watch it. I can even hook it up to a TV.
  3. Who needs a Flash Drive? After all the music, video and photos have been loaded onto the iPod I still have 10 gigs of space leftover. That’s plenty of space for most everything I’d need to move between computers.
  4. Nice Big, Bright Display Awesome for viewing artwork, rating songs, and looking at lyrics. Doesn’t replace the actual liner notes, but it’s a start.

I Hate That:

  1. “80 gigs” is not actually 80 gigs It’s 74.44gigs. Ok, not a big deal, but we’re getting to a point where it will be. How many people call up Apple and ask where their 6 gigs went?
  2. No Dock Included? Remember the days when the deluxe (aka 80 gig caliber) iPod models came with a dock? These days they cost $50 less, but that’s about how much the dock costs. Sure, not including the dock reduces the amount of packaging for the iPod, but then you have to consider all the separately shipped docks.
  3. It’s Slow Maybe it’s because 80 gigs is a lot of space for an iPod, or because USB 2 sucks, but my 80 gig iPod seems to take forever to sync and unmount. And by forever, I mean about a minute or 2 longer than I’m used to with my previous 30 gig iPod.
  4. It Scratches Real Easily Hey! Why not go through all the trouble of making one of the most praised electronic gadgets of the early 21st century for it’s beautiful design, only to have every little scratch show up on it? Brilliant! Maybe it’ll make people buy more of them, or maybe that investment in Brasso was a good move.
  5. Search Is Almost Worthless The newest iPod’s search functionality has good intentions and is supposed to help you find songs in your massive library. But if it takes just as long to scroll through the alphabet to spell the song, why not just keep scrolling?

2 thoughts on “Things I Love and Hate About My 80 gig iPod”

  1. Have you boughten any tv shows or movies off the iTunes store yet? I usually get the most recent monk from there as well as the Office. That’s about it though.

    As far as it taking longer to sync and unmount, yeah it does take longer. But in the long run to have all that music available at your fingertips, it’s worth the extra seconds.

  2. I love that the missing space on your ipod is more than the actual space on my ipod mini. I only take solace in the fact that my ipod mini is green.

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