South Park on iTunes: Season 10B Now Free for 10A Subscribers?

South Park Season 10B Now Free For Early Subscribers?There was a little bit of controversy back when iTunes unveiled the Season Pass of South Park’s 10th Season. People were upset because they didn’t realize that the season would be split up. I bought the Season Pass thinking that I’d get the whole season as I don’t remember iTunes having any notice about splitting them up. However, when Season 10B came around I didn’t have much of a problem with it because I thought it was an alright value.

It seems that maybe after numerous blog entries and customer service emails Apple may be giving Season 10B to the people who bought the pass for Season 10A. Just now I clicked “Check For Purchases…” thinking that I might get a refresh of Scrubs Season 6 (or as I call it, my new crack) when suddenly South Park Season 10B started downloading. Whether it’s a fluke or Apple going ALL the way with the Season Pass concept for 100A, I don’t know.

If you feel you got screwed by the 10A/10B stuff, check for purchases right now.