Pat Yourself on The Back!

Did you know that you are Time’s Person of the Year? It’s true!

Through the use of the internet you empowered yourself and others around you by completely side-stepping traditional media. You edited Wikipedia entries, uploaded videos, dugg stories, and blogged your way to becoming a new media mogul.

Pat yourself on the back. Because of you, important issues that would have never seen the light of day were brought to the forefront, like George Allen and the macaca incident and Michael Richards’ racism, and the knockoffs of other YouTube contributors trying to capitalize on it.

Because of you, corporate and political interests have less of a hold on what you watch and read – because it is you who decides what’s important to watch.

Like these:

You decided that Family Guy clips were important.

Showing that you aren’t biased, you put a commercial in the top 10. You also decided that asian boobies and a guy lighting his farts on fire and hurting himself in the process is the modern day “I Love Lucy.”

You can’t get enough of Paris Hilton, online or off.

You gave Günther his due coverage.

Who wants to get laid really bad? You do!

You developed a system to help you find a Nintendo Wii. You also passed judgement on the parents of 2 little boys, after cruelly making fun of them.

So, congratulations, and thank you for saving us from big media.

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