The End Of An Era: My First Mac

Broken Powerbook Hinge - 15Tonight I broke my Powerbook G4.

I was watching some videos in my favorite recliner when my dog whined to go out. Thinking nothing of it, I lifted my leg over my Powerbook to stand up. But my leg got snagged by the power cord. In the process of untangling myself, my leg hit the Powerbook display and expanded the opening to a degree not recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists.

I heard the snap that every TiBook owner dreads hearing.

The machine is functioning. The hard drive is working alright. No major problems, other than the fact that the display cannot support itself. That kind of makes it difficult to work on it.

Since I got my PowerMac G5, the Powerbook has served the purpose of reading websites away from my desk, posting to this blog, watching movies in bed, and bringing with me when traveling. I’ve also been using it to do software tutorials.

My Powerbook is a titanium Powerbook, which is a model that has been known for its hinge problems. I never thought it would happen to me, but this serves as an explanation of why Apple moved to a different hinge design in its latest notebook models.

Broken Powerbook Hinge - 16Hinge replacement solutions exist, but for a machine this old (it turned 4 this month) it almost makes more sense to buy a new notebook if you need one. As I see it a few options:

  1. Don’t buy a new laptop
  2. Buy the cheapest Macbook I can get
  3. Buy a Macbook comparable Windows machine

I’m thinking of getting a Windows machine only because I’ve been doing more with web design and development lately, but if I take any action I will definitely be waiting until after Macworld. This could be a moot point if all I really need to do is snap it back in or something…

So yes, it is the end of an era. This was my first Mac. It will not be my last, but I still wish I could go back in time to stop myself from breaking it.

4 thoughts on “The End Of An Era: My First Mac”

  1. To Danny’s Powerbook,

    Hi! Long time no write. You were a beautiful machine that inspired me to buy your cousin. May you sleep well in mac heaven, say Hi to Lisa for me. Bye bye

    Love Chris

  2. hey…<br/><br/>i was just browsing online and stumbled on your blog. my first mac was also a tibook (800). when my hinges broke i was sad too… but i found that using a small binder clip on each side of the screen secured it enough to be used. i’ve been using mine like that for over 2 years as my primary computer. i hope this helps!<br/><br/>(and if not… are you willing to sell your old machine? i mean… if it’s willing to be an organ donor.)

  3. Thanks Tony. I’ll try that out. I haven’t replaced this machine yet. It still comes in handy for various tasks. The other day I used it to repair some hard disk problems on my main machine.<br/><br/>I haven’t decided if I’ll sell it or not.

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