Buying Hosting From GoDaddy Is Almost Like Shopping At Best Buy

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to do more with web development and design, so I took the jump and bought a year of hosting from GoDaddy. I’ve read that GoDaddy isn’t the best, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I didn’t know if I would keep up with. For a year of hosting it costs about $35 on the Linux economy plan, which should be more than enough anyway.

Domain registration was done through Dreamhost, which offers free private registration (GoDaddy charges another $5) and seems to be generally regarded as one of the best registrars and hosting providers out there.

GoDaddy’s prices may be some of the least expensive, but they sure try to up-sell from the time you arrive on their site to the point you finally buy something, or leave in frustration. If GoDaddy had retail locations the sales process would be a lot like buying from Best Buy.

GoDaddy: Hi, can I help you today? You: Well, I think I’m all set here. Just getting an economy hosting plan. GoDaddy: I’ve got a code here that will save you 10%. You: Oh, let’s do that. GoDaddy: Here you go – 30¢ off. You’d save more if you went for a year. You: Sure, why not? GoDaddy: Oh, excellent. How about an extended warranty? You: …for webhosting? GoDaddy: You never know when everything’s going to crash. Maybe we backed up your stuff, maybe we didn’t. You: No. Not interested. GoDaddy: SSL Certificate? Only $20. You: No. GoDaddy: E-commerce capability? You: No. GoDaddy: Site metrics? Only this much mor- You: No. GoDaddy: Your domain is only $1.99 with this purchase. You: All set. GoDaddy: You sure. It’s quite a savings over the regular price. You: Well, do you have GoDaddy: Let me check. Looks like it’s taken, but we have,,,,, pe- You: No thanks.

So far the experience has been alright, although this is my first time getting webhosting, so what do I know? I do like the amount of documentation, including their PDF quick start guides, although it looks like they haven’t been updated with their new process for installing server-side apps. Installing WordPress was only a few clicks. Most good webhosts provide this capability anyway.