Sounds Good! Logic and ProTools Podcast

I had briefly considered the idea of starting a video podcast about Logic Pro after seeing how little coverage it got in any the iTunes podcast directory. Any podcasts I did find were more to promote tutorial videos for software. I’m not an expert on Logic Pro, but at least it would’ve gotten the ball rolling.

Sounds Good covers both Logic Pro and Protools through an enhanced podcast format. No video, but the pictures go through step by step to help you follow along.

Definitely worth a look for anyone wanting to learn more about either Logic Pro or Protools.

2 thoughts on “Sounds Good! Logic and ProTools Podcast”

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the nice note! If you want to contribute to “Sounds Good”, you’re more than welcome. I am trying out a video podcast (with captured screens from iShowU) right now, so I might change the format if that works out. Have a nice day!

    Hens Zimmerman

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