"I Like To Think of Myself as A Young Alec Guinness"

I caught this off Boing-Boing. It’s an actor named Brian Atene screening testing for Full Metal Jacket.

He starts off babbling about his schooling and then says that Stanley Kubrick is “one of the greatest directors of all time, although not quite as good as Michael Curtiz, the director of The Seahawk.”

Also, he’s a trekkie.

The scene that he does is presented at the end, so you can see exactly how much he overacts.

I suspect this will be the latest internet sensation

2 thoughts on “"I Like To Think of Myself as A Young Alec Guinness"”

  1. Hey Dan, thanks for the comment on the padKontrol…

    3 questions.. 1> who are you 2> how’d ya wonder into my little blog and 3> How can you Upload Video/audio in your blog like that.. man, thats Really cool!!!!

  2. Hey Rob.

    I graduated music school two years ago and, like you, I have the padKontrol and computer based studio for personal projects. I found your blog looking for what other people had written about the Korg PadKontrol.

    I like using Technorati for product opinions because it’s dedicated to blogs.

    Putting video on your site is really simple when it’s from Youtube. There’s usually an embed code on each video’s page. It’s as simple as pasting the code into your site’s HTML. Whenever I’ve put video into posts that’s how I do it.

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