File Sharers Could Work For The Bush Administration

They use the same logic to justify what they do.

Bush Administration Action: Invade Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein because he was responsible for 9/11, get weapons of mass destruction and fight war against terror. Result: After bombing, invading and creating a hostile nation, no WMDs found. Saddam not involved in 9/11. Iraq in civil unrest. Justification: Saddam’s a bad guy anyway. He needed to be removed to make world safer.

Filesharers Action: Upload music with P2P technology to help spread music, further name of band/group, and increase sales. Result: After breaking the law by infringing copyright of sound recording, no measured sale of CD or concert ticket resulting from that P2P transfer. Band goes in debt to record label. Justification: Record companies are bad anyway. Even though breaking their copyright is wrong it’s okay because they are an evil big business. (There’s also the inevitable “I just send money directly to the band,” which nobody ever does anyway.)

It’s like a major label is Saddam Hussein. Both hold total rule over their communities/artists. Both are cursed for their practices. Without either, the system crumbles because what takes its place is not sufficient or organized enough to support a prosperous population/market.

Yes, I’m playing devil’s advocate.

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