Sometimes I’d Rather Not Know

I was curious to see what my blog traffic is like.

A while ago I started using Google Analytics. This is Google’s free web stats package. All you do is create a site profile and paste the Javascript that it gives you into the pages you want to analyze. If you have a template page, like on Blogger or if your site is setup in Dreamweaver, you paste it into that and all the pages built on that template are updated. So if all your pages are built from that template you’re ready to rock and roll.

One of the cool things about Analytics is that it’ll tally up referring sources, AKA “How people find my site.” It’ll also tally up what keywords in search engines make people find your site. Obviously this is Google’s way to encourage you to buy Adsense. For example, “nathan lee’ flickr”, “is this the line for the beer” “david cross”, and photoshop elements piece of crap have generated a hit on this blog. I can understand the latter, but I have no idea who Nathan Lee is, although I have talked a lot about Flickr.

Even the name of a college roomate was in the tally.

A week ago today I switched to the Blogger Beta and it affected my hits. You can see the visualization to the right.

Notice the extreme rise and fall. Basically, I said “BLOGGER BETA”, people went apeshit, they saw what I actually write about, and never came back.

For the 2 or 3 of you that continue to read, thanks for staying. For the rest of you, maybe I’ll write more about the Blogger Beta in the near future, ’cause it is pretty slick.

I’ve been wondering how Technorati, the most notable blog search engine, would effect traffic. When finding the blog on Technorati it said I hadn’t updated in like 280 days. Oops, what happened? Turns out this blog got screwed up after I changed the address on it…at least that’s my best guess.

I suspected something was wrong with the feed, so I tried Feedburner. Feedburner is supposed to take your RSS feed and automagically format it for compatibility. So, I burned the feed, updated the template here to make any auto-linking of the feed point to the burned version, and Technorati wrote me back going “Hey, looks like everything’s A-OK!” Now my posts are listed on Technorati and other blog engines.

Feedburner will also give you stats on your feed. Let’s see how this one’s doing.

Looks like I’m not going full-time anytime soon.

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