Coverflow in iTunes 7 – Watch That Album Art Folder!

Awesome to see Coverflow being added into iTunes 7.

But beware that by using Coverflow you may be eating up space and not knowing it.

Album artwork in iTunes is stored in the actual mp3/m4a file. However, it would seem that Coverflow cannot access artwork like this and needs to have a cache set up in order to render the art.

That’s where the “Album Artwork” folder comes in. It’s a new addition to your Music folder in OSX.

This folder appears to be where Coverflow keeps its cache of art. Go ahead and delete it. Nothing bad will happen, but you won’t have artwork in Coverflow view and you’ll get to hear your hard drive crunch as it processes the images again.

After deleting it I’ve only scrolled through a few albums and my folder is about 15 megs now.

This could explain why we currently aren’t seeing artwork on manually synced iPods. I can’t access anything other than list view when I connect my iPod to my Mac at work.