Cookie Cutters

I’ve been thinking of getting Keynote. I don’t do presentations very often. Maybe once in a while I set up some Powerpoint slides, and I think Powerpoint is alright. The thing that’s most wrong with Powerpoint is the way that people use it.

There are 2 versions of the typical Powerpoint user. The most common is the user who has a bland, plain presentation. There’s a plain white background, the text is black, small, centered, and way too small. Most of my college professors that used Powerpoint were like this.

There’s also the user who has too much going on in the screen, has overused transitions, and the text is still too small. Both users would rather read the slide back to you rather than use it as a supplement to their lecture. They forget that the point these tools exist to help you conver your message, not drown it out.

Those same problems can still occur in Keynote, but since the look and feel of Keynote is different than Powerpoint, design problems in Keynote are different than those of Powerpoint.

I’d actually rather use Flash to do a presentation. I just don’t know Flash.

BT came out with a new project called This Binary Universe. It’s a lot different than what he’s known for, but since this is a video project it makes sense since he’s been doing soundtrack work. I’ve only watched a little bit of the videos so far. I like this, but I also get the feeling that a big reason behind this album is to help promote his new software company. I’m not sure where I read it, but BT has said that he’s sprinkled his company’s software plugins all over this music. They sound pretty cool, and it’s more than just the famous stutter effect.

But if I’m making a track I don’t want it to sound exactly like a BT track in the same way I don’t want to watch the same Powerpoint slides over and over again.