And We’re Back

And it’s a better layout I think! I’ve been wanting to ditch the orange for a long time.

A few notes:

  1. Easier template editing They really cleaned up the template code! Everything is commented, real nice, and anyone familiar with CSS and HTML should have an easy time figuring it out. And if you don’t know that stuff, looks like they’ve brought over the AJAX expertise to make template editing as easy as drag and dropping. Just about every CSS property has a relative size in this template, making for nice, customizable liquid layouts that don’t blowout when expanding text sizes.
  2. Labels Help create a more accurate, tagged web by labeling your posts. Nice. It’s like but for blogs. WordPress and Typepad have had this for years…I think.
  3. Hip new dashboard All news and other service updates are right in front of you. I don’t even remember seeing those on the older one.
  4. The post editor bitches about you making HTML mistakes! I forgot to close my Orderd List tag and it let me know about it. Nice! Are we closer to good HTML validation?

Surely some things have been broken. I haven’t completely updated the sidebar, and I had to get it over on the left. I hate sidebars on the right. I wish they would just let you drag that in the template editor.

4 thoughts on “And We’re Back”

  1. Yes, I could have kept my old template.

    However, I would not have been able to use any of the new features that are worth doing the Beta. My old template didn’t have labels, no dropdown sidebar or these “widgets”. I really have to learn more about what’s really changed. By the time I’ve fully wrapped my head around it I probably will have forgotten about my old template.

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