Oh My God – Cingular Has Its Head Up Its Ass

About a month ago I got a Cingular phone. Rather, I was granted a Cingular phone through my employer – family business kind of deal.

The phone is a Nokia 6012i. It’s alright I guess, although it isn’t recognized by iSync out of the box. You have to download an add-in that somebody wrote to get iSync to work with it.

Thing is, to activate the phone you have to agree to terms and conditions through an automated process while activating the phone. Probably no big deal, but upon asking about the terms and conditions we were told “oh, those are on the website.” Fine, we’ll just accept for now, go on the website, and if it looks terrible we’ll cancel within 30 days.

“Make sure you get those terms and conditions.” I was told.

Alright, fair enough.

Cingular executives…have you even used your own website? It’s horrible! Oh God. I…I simply can’t find a better adjective for it. It’s ghastly. I couldn’t even log in or register for a web account because of the business status of it, nor could I find any generic terms and conditions for the service. If I want to email somebody you simply won’t let me unless I have an online account. Your toll-free phone number on the website is out of service. You’ve done a terrific job of making it so that people have a hard time complaining directly to you.

So, not being able to find any information on Cingular’s site, I email the sales rep that sold us the phone. He stapled his business card to the receipt. Awesome. He’ll can give me a direct link to where these terms and conditions are, or send them to me in a PDF.

It bounces.

Alright, I’ll call the number so I can talk directly to him.

Except, the number of the store on the business card does not direct me to the retail outlet. Instead, it routes me to a Cingular call center.

After being on hold for 20 minutes, getting to someone who transfers me to the business number, waiting another 5 minutes on hold, I finally get to talk to someone.

She was friendly and helpful, but here’s what’s weird. She could not simply email me the terms and conditions, nor could she tell me where to find them online. She has to mail them to me.

After being put on hold twice with her, giving her the right information, I think I’m finally done.

Then I get home, turn the cell phone on, and I have a voice message. It’s the customer service rep. She asked me for my PO Box earlier. Turns out they can’t send to a PO Box.

How do things get this bad?

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