Indesign CS2 – First impression

Holy Crap!

ID CS2 has this amazing “object styles” functionality! If i have an object (circle, square, anything!) that i plan to have text or an image in, and plan to repeat that object throughout the document, I can create a style for that object (fill, strokes, shadows, text frame, etc) and apply that style to all those objects.

Before, if you’ve ever wanted to change all those objects, you would have to go through and modify each and every object. With object styles all you have to do is change the property you want to modify in the style, and it’s all done!

Plus, PDF generation is MUCH cleaner.

The Bridge looks alright, but it takes some getting used to. Currently my logos are separated by vendor/manufacturer in a Graphics directory on my hard disk and photos I take are tagged and organized in iPhoto.

I would like to jump on CS2, but I think it might be better just to wait until the spring when CS3 comes out.