Ecto Cooler – A Blogging Refresher

I’m going to try a new blogging program called Ecto. Macjournal doesn’t really do quite a good job with HTML formatting, so I wanted to see other alternatives.

Ecto seems pretty cool. You can choose to write your posts in plain text or rich text. It will integrate with pretty much every blog service known to man, and it imported all my previous posts for me too. You can manage multiple blogs from one interface. I think it might be pretty cool to have a blog with friends. We could combine all our efforts into one, supercharged blog…something like, which would discuss life after college, job hunting, getting back onto our feet after graduating. Things like that. If we did that this is how I would post to it.

I also heard about Vox today. It’s a blogging service from Six Apart, the difference being that you can set privacy settings on posts. That’s pretty much the reason why I don’t blog about anything very personal.

Ecto costs money though. Not a lot. Under $20. But I want to see what other good alternatives there are too.