Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Evil

But oftentimes it is.

I actually don’t mind marketing efforts coming at me when it is relevant to my interests. I like music, so I don’t mind being on a CD store mailing list. I like computer stuff, so I don’t mind being on Newegg‘s list.

But most marketing is not focused, it’s doesn’t try very hard, and it’s not relevant to your life. They run during your favorite TV show, they call you up at home during dinner. This is the kind of marketing that we’ve gotten used to taking snack breaks and going to the bathroom for.

And then there’s also marketing that tricks you into buying the same old product by merely changing its form…like Squagels (SQUARE BAGELS!!).

There’s also this bullshit from Poland Spring called “Aquapods” now. What is it? It’s fuckin’ water! BUT, it comes in a pod shaped container. And they advertise them on kids channels, and the kids bug their parents to buy WATER because it comes in a rounded container!

And there’s also the tons of drug commercials that work to create the illusion of illness in the customer’s mind! You don’t know if you have nail fungus, but when you see these little green monsters digging into skin on TV you think “I don’t want that shit!” And you go to the doctor and ask about it, thus creating the demand for the product that YOU DON’T NEED. You had a bad day, you come home, you see a commercial telling you that feeling depressed isn’t “normal” and that you should ask your doctor to prescribe you this medication.

How do these people sleep at night?

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  1. Kent Brockman: How do you sleep at night?<br/><br/>Reiner Wolfcastle: On a pile of money, surrounded by beautiful women.

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