You Have To Buy This Jamie Lidell Album

I think it’s a law now. It’s that good.

I wrote before that Jackson and His Computer Band released my favorite album of 2005. Smash is very good, but I don’t come back to it as much as Multiply. I’ve had Multiply since last summer and I haven’t tired of it yet.

Jamie Lidell brings a much needed revamp to electronic music, to the point where you don’t know if it even classifies as electronica, soul, electronica-soul. Years ago, calling something electronica-soul would’ve been a cruel joke – especially in a genre where lyrics like “I’m the operator with my pocket calculator” are a mainstay.

And if you haven’t gotten Multiply yet, I don’t know why…he’s touring with Beck, he’s currently got a free single of the week on iTunes…I don’t know what other clues from God you want.

Get it any way you can.