Holy Crap – It’s Been A Year!

Yeah, my first post was on May 12th, 2005. And it was about Michel Gondry.

In a year I’ve written 120 postings, mostly about music and Macs. I named the blog after my favorite Smith’s song. I’m not even sure if it fits. I named it that because it was supposed to symbolize graduating from college and not really knowing the next steps to take in life and moving back home. Being away from my friends I’ve made during my time there would be a challenge and in some ways it would be torture because we were a tightly knit group.

Thus, Barbarism Begins at Home.

I’ve been wanting to write about some other nerd topics…maybe later tonight or tomorrow, including:

E3 and Why I’ll Probably Buy a Wii at Launch

…that’s really all I have on my mind right now actually…

Today I bought a bike helmet and a new bike seat. And that was my day.

And although it’s been out for a year, my song of the summer is probably going to be “The Party’s Crashing Us” by Of Montreal.

I really want to buy a new digital camera. I’ve been looking at the Nikon D50. I don’t think I’ll mind spending much on a camera if it will last me a long time. Plus, I keep telling myself that I’m never in my life going to say “Man, I wish I didn’t take so many pictures.”