Everybody Wants To Be A DJ…I Just Want To Be A Drummer

So I grabbed the Kork padKONTROL instead of all the other pads I was looking at.

One of the reasons I got this over the Trigger Finger was that the padKONTROL has an X/Y axis you can assign to any CC parameter you want. To use that control you just press your finger onto the pad and move it around – you move it up, it modifies the Y setting, left and right changes the X setting. This creates some very unique controls that you can’t get most other places:


But the big selling point was that the padKONTROL comes with a ton of software. It comes with:

Let’s go through these one by one:

Reason Adapted – Korg Edition

Thanks, but I already have Reason 2.5 and am not interested in downgrading to the Korg branded software.

Ableton Live Lite – Korg Edition

Thanks, but I already have Ableton Live Lite 5, and it is already branded by M-Audio.

SampleTank 2 – Korg Editon

Sampletank is a software sampler that I’ve seen ads for but never had a chance to play with. Even today. There’s no standalone software that’s installed for Sampletank from this Korg collection, just plugins. I can’t use the VSTi version because I use Logic Pro, so I have to use the AU plugin. That’s fine, except the AU won’t pass Logic’s AU validation – I assume because it hasn’t been authorized. So, because the plugin isn’t authorized Logic won’t validate it and let me use it. How am I don’t know who to point the finger at, but I’m guessing it should be the Sampletank people because what other software actually uses AUs? They should’ve tested this.

UVI – Korg Edition

The only thing that works so far. Seems to be just a collection of drum kits. None are very impressive.


Somekind of effects based off the Korg Legacy collection…I think. This too gets caught up in an authorization process. It gives you a code which you’re supposed to put into a website, which means making an account, which means signing up for mailing lists and blah blah blah all I want to do is play with it. I don’t want to sign up for stuff and then find out this thing sucks. Plus, this thing pesters you to go enter in your code 10 times after you hit the cancel button. I guess I should come back to this to check out it. Propellerheads already has my info anyway.

dfh Superior Kit – Korg Edition

I think what they meant to call this thing was the “demo” instead of Korg Edition. dfh stands for “Drumkit From Hell”, which is kind of appropriate because the interface isn’t very friendly. Granted, I didn’t spend too much time with it because it doesn’t come with very much to use, just one kit. It’s actually sampled very well and sounds quite realistic, but I don’t want that sound. If I really wanted that sound I’d get a real drummer. I was hoping to see more electronic kits, but this and the full version is geared more for people who want to sound like every song on Top 40 radio. It does come with a code to get 30% off the full version, but with the full version going for $300…uninstalled. Korg seems to use this thing as the main selling point for the padKONTROL so you can beef up your productions, but in the license agreement it states that you CANNOT USE THIS SOFTWARE FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES. So, really what this, and all the other included software, is meant to do is to beef up sales.

I can’t complain about free, but when free is a pain in the ass I don’t feel encouraged to upgrade to full versions.

This thing also came with demos for the Korg Legacy Collection – and from what I’ve played they sound GREAT! However, every 15 seconds or so the plugins blast out whitenoise…’cause it’s a demo.

The padKONTROL is still an expressive way to get down your drum tracks, although I wish there were more resources and the “correct” way to play these AKAI style pads with drums. Am I supposed to use both hands, one hand? Is Crane going to offer AKAI sampler courses anytime soon? I don’t think so.