Controversy In The Adirondacks

If you look at photos of Upstate NY you’re likely to see clichéd pictures of flowers, mountains, leaves, waterfalls and other nature shots. Rarely do you ever see things like this: This is a shot of the back of a roadsign next to ongoing construction. It reads “Scam”, with the S as a dollar sign, as in “Micro$oft.”

What’s going on around here is that there’s ongoing development by a company named “Front Street Mountain Development.” Ultimately, they’re planning to spend about $250 Million to construct townhouses, a golf course, a lodge, and a bunch of other stuff with the goal of turning the area into a ski resort destination with Gore Mountain.

Local government has been excited at this prospect, citing it as an economic catalyst to the north country. They see the area becoming another Lake Placid and returning to the prosperity the area had during the early 1900s.

Others obviously have a different idea of what this means. Rather than becoming an economic catalyst they see it as an economic drain. Taxes will increase for local residents, not for vacationers (unless they own property). And the increased seasonal population could have a social impact on the area that isn’t as positive as local government would have you believe.

On the other hand, the resort would provide job opportunities for local residents, but I really wonder if it would help the local economy. Would the clientele go into the town to spend money, or will they stick to the resort and the Gore connection?

I won’t pretend to fully grasp the benefts or repercussions of what’s going on here, nor will I try to predict the future. Over the next few years there are definitely going to be some changes.

So you might as well take photos…