Thanks, Jerks…

Well, the bad reviews for the Silent Hill movie have started pouring in. I knew it was going to happen. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise since the games haven’t been good since Silent Hill 2.

Some choice quotes:

“Silent Hill has plenty of bad acting, bad dialogue and a confusing plot — all of which become exponentially more painful when the movie goes on forever.” “This movie needed a 1987 Sigourney Weaver in the lead role, but instead we get Mitchell, whose performance is rarely convincing. To make matters more ridiculous, she fights alongside the aforementioned police officer, who for no good reason is dressed like one of those strip-o-gram cops — and then has the audacity not to get naked.” Peter Hartlaub – San Francisco Chronicle “The worst kind of horror movie: trash that takes itself seriously.” Elizabeth Weitzman – New York Daily News “The plot would take half a day to describe, which is approximately how long the movie seems to play.” Nathan Lee – The New York Times

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