They Are Night Zombies and all that jazz

So, I knew that Night of The Living Dead was in the public domain, but I did not know that it’s available on the Internet Archive as a DVD-Quality download! Check it out.

Not to be cheesy, but this really is an important film and if you haven’t seen it this is the perfect opportunity. Dawn of the Dead is my favorite, but for 1968 film this is pretty ballsy and, perhaps unintentionally, caused a lot of discussions in this country.

Day of the Dead was eh, but Land of the Dead completely sucked. I don’t think you can make a good movie with both John Leguizamo or Dennis Hopper.

So, start downloading this morning, watch tonight.

1 thought on “They Are Night Zombies and all that jazz”

  1. Nice find Dan. I’ve never watched the original but I did just suffer through Land of the Dead… how was that made by the same guy?

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