Blue Monday/The Perfect Kiss

I’ve been listening to a lot of New Order this week. Usually I switch between Blue Monday and The Perfect Kiss on Substance. I’m compelled to listen by the lo-fi percussion beats mostly, but I also think that The Perfect Kiss is one of the most perfect songs ever written. For some reason I never tire of it.

So tonight I tried to recreate that same kick drum sound in Logic’s Ultrabeat (sounds like it could easily come from my old Kawai keyboard). After maybe a minute of messing around I figured it would be a better idea to just take the sound directly from Power, Corruption and Lies. This graphic sums up what I had stuck in my head all day on loop:



I remember reading an article a few months ago on an engineer needing to recreate the old sounds for New Order’s live shows, how he couldn’t use the source tapes or something. In searching for that article I came across the Blue Monday Owner’s Club. It’s a site featuring photos of people posing with their rare Blue Monday records.